About Aurora…

I thought I’d take the time to share with you who I am. My likes and dislikes, my favorite things, and whatnot. This way you could get to know me a lot better!

First of all, I love the Lord with all of my heart, mind, and soul and my FAMILY! Secondly, I am married to my best friend Stewart of which we will soon celebrate our 30th year of marriage on June 24th! Yaay! Okay…and…I have 14 children! Adopted included: Courtney (34), Avie (30), Alonna (28), Siarra (26), Leilani (25), Christian (24), Ashleigh (22), Lacey (21), Brey’l (20), Josiah (18), Paislei (16), Kaleb (13), Naomi (12), and Nahdiyah (9). I have 10 grandchildren! David Jr., Arianna, Genesis, Noah, Hazari, Davianna, Lydia, Journee, Layla, and Isabella!

I live on a beautiful mountain in North Alabama with a 4000 sq ft home on 2 acres of land! I have a huge 140 lbs. Great Pyrenees named Sebastian (1yr) my baby! My favorite color is silver… probably because of my silver hair! Yes, I’m almost completely grayheaded! And…I love it! I prayed for this lovely look! I pray almost all day! Smile. I love nature! I love familytime! I love to travel! I am a floral designer! I am a home decorator! I love the farm house style! I love gospel, contemporary gospel, jazz, and old time gospel music! My favorite times of the year is spring and fall. I love working outdoors (gardening, mowing, etc.) I looooovvvvveeee COFFEE!

Anyways, My dislikes. I don’t like confusion. I don’t like people hurting others. I don’t like being around fake, phony, hypocritical people. I usually spot them in minutes. And…I avoid them at all costs. That’s pretty much my dislikes.

I hope you have enjoy journeying with our family blog as we have great things happening all the time in this family! God bless you!


John 14:1 “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.”

The fact is, you can let your heart be troubled and let it overtake you. Meaning you have the power to allow things to come into your heart. You must take control of your heart. With so many heartaches going on in the world today with uncertainty of us being on the brink of WWIII with North Korea, social media wars between President Trump and the world, disasterous weather on the rise, earthquakes in various places, tsunamis, hurricanes causing widespread death and destruction, wars and rumours of wars, crime scenes on every corner, and such. We must fully put our trust in the Lord for as we see the days are evil. This is a time like never before where all of us need to continue to be in prayer for God’s direction. He loves you and has warned of these days coming, yet He also said, “Let not your heart be troubled.” He knew some would be troubled with fear. Yet He said to believe in Him, if you believe in God. We simply WON’T make it without Him! Reading the scriptures daily will help you to trust the Lord more. He brings so much comfort and you will have no need to worry. There are three things people struggle with in life, which is the enemy’s tactics against you: fear, doubt, and unbelief.

Take power over your heart, and believe in Jesus!

A Journey with Journee

This is my newest chocolate muffin Journee! Journee is now 5 months old and truly a blessing to us all! Her mom Ashleigh is enjoying life everyday with her beautiful daughter. Ashleigh is now on her own journey in motherhood and will learn the way of nourturing her little one in the fear of the Lord. Many obstacles will come in her path yet at as a family like ours who sticks together, her journey with Journee will be a blessed one!

7 Degrees!

Yes…for the past couple of days it had been snowing!! One morning as I awakened, it was a whole 7 degrees and with the wind chill factor it felt like -6!!! So yeah, it’s been very cold to say the least. But, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time! My children have been having the best time of their lives having snowball fights, building snow castles, and just romping around in the snow! We also have a new member of the family named Sebastian! He’s a pup right now but will soon be gynormous! He’s a great pyrenees and they can get to be a whopping 160 lbs!! So far, he’s nearly doubled since we bought him. He too have been having a blast in the snow. In fact this is right up his alley because his breed is used to romping around after a good snow pulling children on sleds and whatnot. They are meant to protect their flocks and family from potential preditors like wolves and coyotes. But for now, he’s enjoying the snowball fights with the kids!

We're the Cunningham family raising 14+ children, that's including all of our adoptees :-). In our everyday life, home budgeting, DIYer's, home decorating, living for Christ and sharing the fruit of the Lord to the world is what God called us to do! Take this journey with us, as the Lord changes the lives of others and ourselves!

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