Home is my heart!

Hey everyone!  It’s so awesome to share our daily life with all of you, as we NEVER have a dull moment raising 14 children, home budgeting, home schooling, home decorating….did I mention the word HOME? Yes..home is where my heart is and where life begins with us all. If we manage our homes, we make this world a better place! I was always taught that “it all starts from home” This I have learned to be exceptionally TRUE!

Prayerfully, you will learn something new and encouraging with our walk in Christ! We put him first in everything we do to live a holy life that’s pleasing to Him. Doing this…means we’ll never go wrong.

So we’re glad you’re here and so come along on the Cunningham Journey!

Be always blessed!

By thecunninghamjourney

Living for the Lord and being married to my BEST friend has been the most rewarding in my life! I have been wonderfully blessed by raising 14+ children, enjoying 7 grandchildren, as well as 3 son-in-laws, and 1 daughter-in-law. We look forward to this growing family doing what the Lord has set in our hearts for His glory! Be blessed as you travel along with The Cunningham Journey!

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