Heaven’s Best

I give honor to the Lord Most High for saving my soul and blessing me to be baptized in JESUS Name and filling me with HIS SPIRIT!! He blessed me with such a great and wonderful family!! I married my best friend Stewart whom I truly thank God for! These years are our best years ever! Each and every day I love him more and more. We walk together on one accord through God’s Holy Spirit! I praise the Lord that no matter what we go through in life we continue to pray together and put it all in God’s hands. 

Lately, for the past few months we join together on the porch at 4am to pray. Those days I don’t make it out there on time is so disappointing. I truly dispise waking up and seeing he’s left already for dialysis and we didn’t pray together. I know some days he chooses not to awaken me feeling like I need more rest. I do appreciate his loving thoughts towards me. But…”Lord tell him to wake me, because I really enjoy the fellowship with Heaven’s Best…in Jesus Name…Amen!”