Fall In Alabama

Looking out over my banister on my back deck is most rewarding in the beauty God created for His children to indulge in, especially in the fall of Alabama. As I sit here, there’s a glistening breeze sweeping gently across my cheeks. My hair catches the coolness across the tops of my grays. The differentiated birds offer praise to the one who created them for the abundance of supply they’ve awakened to. Many buzzes, chirps, and calls echo through the mountain today, all giving attendance to the daily tasks set before them. All too often I continue to hear the drops of broken branches that give way to the ground below them for no longer are they able to remain attached to their previous homes. Life was lost in them. God shows me His people. They too lost the life they once lived. No longer do they hold to their homes. They’ve faded from true holiness. Some plunder to the ground and some gently fade in the distance as a flower blows from it’s stem to an unfamiliar place. The foundation of the Lord is strong and sure, full of life and never fades away. It’s forever green. -As I watch each leaf float to the ground my heart begins to wrench for seeing the fall of God’s people everyday. Though the leaves fail, God’s unfailing love continues so his children return unto Him. New branches do appear. This is fall in Alabama, arise and be made new.