Everyday Life

Tell Me When

Tell me…when did I become your enemy? Or was it this way from the start? You mine equal. I saw the signs and began to whisper a prayer in hopes I was wrong of the inevitable. We supped together, we worshipped before the same Father together. What evil have I done unto you? I should repent but I know not for the reason. Make it known unto me. I seemed to do it often of your continual offences by me. I never mean to but often have the accusal of your discontentment of me. You disapprove of all, of my walk, my talk, my looks of appearance. I mean you no good no matter the cause. For a reason, I have become thine enemy. I pray now of when? It seems from the start. Oh, how I loved you. It wasn’t the same for you as for me. I whisper a prayer even now as my heart feels the pain swell inside me. You mine equal. I look to the Father, Lord what meaneth this? His voice speaks of truth. I am quiet. Watching unto prayer. Silence, as the weapons form. Angels of the Lord surrounds me. The battle is not mine but the Lord’s. Be still.

By Aurora Cunningham

©2021 The Cunningham Journey

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