Everyday Life

I Don’t Mind Waiting On the Lord

Sometimes, you may feel that you are waiting on the Lord when in all actuality, you're really not. Waiting on God means just that, wait. Don't get involved. Don't try to figure it out. Don't try to put your two cents in. Don't try to help god out. Don't try to rush things along. Just… Continue reading I Don’t Mind Waiting On the Lord

Everyday Life

Toxicity in Conversations

Some individuals you need to just step back from... their toxicity is contagious. Certain conversations will be detrimental to your spiritual health. Be careful with whom you give ear to on a day-to-day basis. Some people are only after your gain, as jealousy creeps behind their eyes upon you. Having discernment is very necessary to… Continue reading Toxicity in Conversations

Everyday Life


Ladies, Your submissiveness brings unity in the Spirit with Christ. Because no MAN wants a WIFE with a homosexual spirit unless he struggles with the same spirit. Your humbleness brings love, peace, and pureness with your Father above. Listen... YOU WILL NEVER BE MORE SUBMISSIVE TO GOD AND NOT BE SUBMISSIVE TO YOUR HUSBAND. It… Continue reading Submissiveness

My Story

I Wish I Had a New Family

"I don't want to be home. I don't know why I'm even here. I don't want to live here any more. This place is crazy. I'm not happy. Nobody LOVES me", I thought. He keeps touching me. He keeps scaring me. I come from school and he's already there waiting for me. I didn't know… Continue reading I Wish I Had a New Family