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Why Does God Always Seem To Be Angry?

Walking in service on Sunday morning with your stomach in your throat had become a natural those days. You just had to toughen your stomach muscles for church service and pray while on your way because for me I couldn’t understand why did God always seem to be angry! It must be that we’re always walking the wrong way according to Him no matter how good you’ve been. You knew in service you’re going to get called out today for any reason possible! It seemed that every single service He was angry at someone! Now, you’d never get a phone call unless there were some type of gathering of a certain select few that would seem to begin having prayer and apparently God would start talking in the midst of these individuals. Not while your at home would you get a call, well sometimes but rarely. But when you walked through those doors of the church…watch out! You know you shouldn’t have posted that status on Facebook! What were you thinking? You know how many of “God’s people” are watching every move you make! There’s those little people who watch your posts night and day as well. Also, those older ones which never have anything better to do but to watch your Instagram too! I know this may sound like someone’s a heretic or parranoid to most of you…but I assure you this is very much true. Crazy sounding as it may seem but absolutely true. You can ask any member who have managed to escape without harm (if there be any) because they have been somewhat damaged spiritually, yet they will tell you! You had to keep a watch over your shoulder because the “Ministry is carefully watching for your souls.” As they meant that in every aspect of the word. This isn’t to frighten anyone from attending service because not all church services are like this. But there are some that have come to this disaster due to the shepherd not truly watching and praying for the flock they’ve been given. Somewhere down the line they’ve allowed the enemy to creep in and he began to kill, steal, and destroy.

God is not always angry and I came to realize that on most instances through lots of prayer and supplication poured from my heart unto him during those times. He would comfort me as he promised He would, when I called upon His name…and I did plenty of that! In fact, Jesus is quite the opposite of all that they said He was. He’s loving, compassionate, merciful, forgiving, and full of truth. Some churches as we know them today, have forgotten the love of God and have come to serve another god in which I know not any. You just have to pray and seek the Lord as to where to attend. There are on the other hand, many that preach the truth and live it! Peace unto you and trust God.


The Waves

Waves of the ocean are tossed to and fro. Just as a man in his mind can be tossed. We must walk with a solid mind set on Christ. Though trials come at us at every angle, we trust God to see us through not compromising and being conformed to this world. Our minds are to be transformed and renewed by His word every day. Waves are tossed and driven in directions never seen before because no two waves are alike. We are not to be this way. One wouldn’t be able to tell who we are. We are in Christ, so we must show forth His love in us. We stand upon a solid foundation so that when the waves come we don’t get moved out of our place in Him. Be holy and unwavering. Be blessed.

How Is Today’s Generation Living|Their Memories

How is your child living these days? Do they have their noses stuck in a book or a cell phone? What is their main source of entertainment? Is it Emoji’s, Facebook, and Instagram or Huck Finn, Sarah Plain and Tall, and Dork Diaries? Where does your child spend most of their time? Is it swimming, playing tennis, shooting hoops with the basketball, or soccer? Or is it sitting around watching Disney’s Teen Titans Go, Spongebob, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II? Who do they eat dinner with…the family, friends, or alone? Are their meals served with love from a hot stove and straight from your local farmers market? Or are they speeding through the drive thru lanes of Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and Burger King? Before going to bed…are they saying prayers or saying goodnight to friends on the internet? Do they spend time with you on the weekends laying under the stars roasting marshmellows, or shifted to the babysitter for your time to hang out with your co-workers? Just things to think about, pray about, and acknowledge what we need to be doing to make our children’s lives better and more meaningful. These years for them is crucial. They must make a difference in the community that surrounds them. Making just a few minor changes to your schedule will make a productive child value their place in life. Let’s make it count! The memories will last a lifetime…I know mine remind me of their rememberwhens all the time.

Spend time with them…it means all the world to them!



Couldn’t See Beyond Dirt |My Great Repentence

I thought I was in hell and I couldn’t see beyond dirt for all I had spoken, I was in such great repentence I could only stress how sorry I was! Yet, it wasn’t good enough, I couldn’t see beyond dispair and ruin. If I could have stood upon a million hills to say how much I regretted the words spoken out of my mouth, it wouldn’t have mattered…because my time had come to an end. I am done. I couldn’t make out what was truth and what wasn’t. I sat in utter fear…for days. I was so confused. I asked so many questions, yet to no avail, because my mind wouldn’t allow me to comprehend anything. How can I still be saved? Am I? Look what I’ve done to everyone…to the church…to my family.

-It all started one evening when one of my brothers in the Lord told us that he had just received the Holy Ghost and he was enroute to our home. When he arrived we all were rejoicing with him and a few of the members came by to do the same. At one point, I noticed something didn’t feel right and I went into one of my children’s rooms and another member soon joined me. We spoke about our concerns and then I started feeling very strange, very weak. I didn’t know what was happening to me she then grabbed my face and was calling my name, “Sister Cunningham, Sister Cunningham!”

At the time, I had just had a baby a couple of months prior. I had been dealing with a lot spiritually, mentally, and physically. My marriage was slipping away from me and I had become very bitter. I’m being very real with you right now, so if it troubles you to know this…I apologize in advance to alarm you but these are things that happen even in a Christian’s life. They just don’t talk about it. Depression, marital problems, and the like are so evident even when you are saved and with a mighty burning fire. Maybe at the time you don’t feel his presence like you desire but yes it happens! Some don’t believe this could be when your saved, in fact they teach against it. Saying, “No saint should ever have any business suffering from diabetes, depression, or cancer!” “If they are, they have FALLEN away from God!” People…That is so far from the truth. The word of God tells us that MANY are the afflictions of the righteous, yet the Lord delivers us from them ALL! Back to my repentence…I had ISSUES! I didn’t realize just how bitter I had become. I had allowed the enemy to step in and I was constantly upset with my husband though I had just given birth to our beautiful new son. But this imparticular day, I wasn’t ready for what was about to take place!

To be continued…

My Children of God

Raising a house full can be very timid, but to raise children of God is rewarding yet overwhelmingly challenging. 

I remember one day I was just so done! I was exhausted with the fact that these children were so different and each ones characters were something else to deal with. One doing this the other doing that! And no one is listening! So, I’m done…I was leaving! My husband was in and out of hospitals and at this point he was doing better, but I was just done. I had nothing left to give! So, I proceeded to leave. I’m driving down the road headed towards the highway that was going to lead me away from it all! I was driving…and “fussing” with God about His children! Asking questions as to what He expected me to do with them, what about this and why this and that? I went on and on. Then I told the Lord…”Lord, why did you give me so many?!” “I’m just one person!” While crying I said, “It’s too much for me!” “I can’t do this any more!” -Then the Lord spoke…

“You feel like you can’t make it?” “You feel like you’re at your wits end?” “The apostles felt like they were at their wits end.” I responded, “But Lord, I’m not an apostle.” Crying to the Lord I said, “I just can’t do this anymore, I’m just one person. Why did you put so much on me to bear?” The Lord said, “I’m with you and will put no more on you than you can bear.” He said, “You have your children, your husband, and your home. Job, lost everything.” I responded with, “But Lord, I’m trying to do my best! Help me, please!” I really started crying then! 

I however, didn’t except that at the time for an answer. I was so into my feelings that I didn’t know what answer I really wanted to hear. I knew that just wasn’t it! I kept driving. By this time, I managed to make it down to the waterfront without the Lord striking me dead for the way I got upset. I then decided before hitting the highway north, that I would pull over to just take a nap. I closed my eyes and it seemed like an hour but more than likely it was a mere 15 minutes tops. I awakened to see a bible sitting on the passenger side and picked it up in my hands. I held it and said to the Lord, “Lord, I want you to just tell me what you want me to do, and I’ll do it!” So I flop open the bible and my eyes fixed on the scripture reading in Isaiah 45:9, “WOE UNTO HIM THAT STRIVETH WITH HIS MAKER.” OMG!! Well…I didn’t bother to read the rest! I began to tremble! The Lord spoke again and said, “Aurora, go home! Your whole household shall be saved!” 

Don’t you know…I started that car so fast and got my tail end back down that highway towards home! Pleading with God the whole way not to kill me! 

The Lord knows everything we deal with in life. My children of God is well known by their maker. He will direct your path on how to raise them through thick and thin. He has the final say and knows our end. Thankfully, mine didn’t come to a close that day?! 

*Never try this at home, or anywhere for that matter  -just saying!

Your Love Oh God!

“Your love Oh God, is deeper than the ocean. It’s greater than the skies, an all consuming fire, a love that will not die. Your heart beat controls every oceans roll. Your love Oh God, your love Oh God. It saved my soul! It breaks down barriers and it tares down walls! It heals the broken hearts and it conquers all! Your love oh God, your love oh God. It saved my soul! It’s your love my heart beats for. It reaches out to me more and more. Jesus your love conquers all.” -These words given to Danielle Munizzi by the Lord are ringing in my soul tonight. 

Lord, thank you for your love! 

One Of Those Days

You ever had one of those days where you just don’t feel like doing anything? Then you kinda feel guilty because you could have gotten so much done…well today is one of those days! But this I do know, I have accomplished that what the Lord knew was going to get done through me today.

As I rose this morning, I began to pray and thank the Lord for all He has given me. I thanked him for my husband, my children, and the saints of God He placed in my life at this particular time. I then began to feel His presence shower down upon me like a cool rain! His anointing is so powerful and so holy it is really hard to explain in words! I thanked Him for His Spirit dwelling on the inside of me! He spoke to my spirit in letting me know what He has in store for my family. God is just so amazing! I love to just talk with Him as though I could see Him face to face. I thanked the Lord for the beautiful home He gave us that we honor Him with. I just thank Him! I owe Him so much praise just for even the littlest things we take for granted. Another day on this side of the dirt is such a blessing! So many didn’t rise today. Or make it through this evening! I heard an elder say…when you think of ALL the goodness God has shown us we owe God praise and it’s time to pay up! So, I praise Jesus for everything He’s EVER done for me, through me, around me, and in me! I thank him for the good and the bad! If it wasn’t for my enemies coming against me I wouldn’t have prayed my way through, fought my way through, and trusted God through it all! I wouldn’t have gotten the promotion He gave to me! My enemies brought about a great change! I praise God for it! For that…I ought to make some phone calls and tell the enemy, “I just want to thank you!” “Thank you…for the promotion!” This is why I love to confuse the enemy when I’m going through a trial! While He’s looking for me to hold my head down, I will lift up my voice and give God a high praise! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! I think I’m going to pause my writing right now, because I feel a praise stirring up in my spirit…and I owe God a praise! I’m paying up! You know what,

This is one of those days…

To be continued….thank you Jesus!

Bankhead National Park

Bankhead National Forest was an exciting fieldtrip for the gang! It’s located in Double Springs, Alabama just minutes from our home! Between climbing mountain terrain, playing in the waterfall, watching the huge bass swim in Bear Lake, and finding an awesome cave…we had a fabulous day! We loved the beautiful scenery and horse trails! We walked over the rocky stream until coming across a few leeches! Which it was pretty much time to go by then. Till next time with the whole family…I hope you have a great day!