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Lost Identity, Lost Purpose

Many of us feel like we’ve lost our identity and lost our purpose in life. We walk around wondering, “What am I supposed to be doing?” We start asking, “Lord, what is my purpose?” – Have you lost your identity?

We all lost our identity when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden. But thanks be to God, that He sent His Son to die for our sins and restore us back to His own image! I’m thankful in knowing that my purpose in life is to show forth and walk in the image of Christ. The nine fruit of the spirit now live in me. I have become love! Just as God is LOVE, I am to love. His fruit abides in me and now I am the image of Christ that was lost in the fall of man! Every time I look in the mirror, I’m looking at Jesus! I am His NEW creation! Old things have passed away, behold all things have become NEW! His glory is shown every day I walk in His Spirit! I no longer have to walk in the fall of man with the attitudes that came with the fall. Since I was born, no one had to teach me how to act up, get attitudes, fight, and do bad things. It came with the fall. Which is why I had to be BORN AGAIN! And if at any moment I tend to forget, I have an advocate with the Father, who is Christ Jesus! I’ve been set free and know my purpose! My identity has been redeemed by the Father. My body is His temple! And He lives and breathes through me! So therefore, my identity and purpose is no longer lost. Amen? Amen.

Alabama Living

Living in Alabama is so unique and so entriguing that I still can’t get over the fact that my family would ever be led to live here! First of all, Alabamians are very family oriented people. Family matters most to them. They look after the ways of their families to ensure they are doing their best. They are ones that will offer to you any assistance they can, even if they are scraping the bottom of the barrel themselves. As opposed to Floridians, they rarely ever honk their horns at ones dragging to turn a corner or are pausing too long at a traffic light. All family issues are dealt with by the eldest in the family, usually grandmas or great uncles you don’t ever want to mess with. Not much is going to the officials. Take it to uncle Bob and the shows over! He’ll shut everything down! –Also, there’s no real night life here. Everything begins to close down very early in the evening. On Sundays, you’re with the family eating dinner at the local restaurant or at home stuffing your face with one of grandma’s blueberry pies! Most days you sit back on the front porch watching your young ones play out on the roped tire swing that was made when your mother was young in age or climb the tires of some old tractors. Having a four wheeler is a plus! Your daily tasks consist of cleaning the barns, feeding the animals, or with some, just cleaning the yard. Most people like to cut their yards twice a week with the riding mowers, that’s if they didn’t have to go over it with hugh dozers due to cleaning up the crops.

Family owned businesses are always in full swing. Many have sons, cousins, and nephews to help hold things together. Right now, all of the cotton fields have been harvested to be taken and sold for clothing, blankets, or sent to various places in the industry. It’s so amazing to see balls of cotton rolling down the highways left over from the 5 to 6 foot high layers of cotton stacks! My ancesters came into mind many days as I drove by the fields everyday, looking to what it had been like in their day. I so wanted to go pick cotton. I wanted to put on a cotton sack to see and feel what it was like for my great grandmother when she did the work. For some it was hard labor and for some it was a joyful way of living. They sang the hymns to encourage each other. The master didn’t know them but they knew. I know now too. Times have changed tremendously in Alabama. Life has grown and so have the people. They’ve changed for the better, most of them.

When I first arrived here, I literally cracked up laughing while looking on Craigslist looking for furniture and scrolled through the “free items” to find someone getting rid of fainting goats and chickens! I thought OMG! Now, if this ain’t the country, I don’t know what is! Free pigs??!!! Lord, where did you move us to? -So, this is country life. It’s just amazing! I LOVE it here!! The sheep and emus are also incredible to see! One day driving through the mountains I saw a Llama! They are actually used to protect the livestock?! Who would have known? Alabamians! I personally have never heard of such a thing. As for me, I now love Alabama living.

Fall In Alabama

Looking out over my banister on my back deck is most rewarding in the beauty God created for His children to indulge in, especially in the fall of Alabama. As I sit here, there’s a glistening breeze sweeping gently across my cheeks. My hair catches the coolness across the tops of my grays. The differentiated birds offer praise to the one who created them for the abundance of supply they’ve awakened to. Many buzzes, chirps, and calls echo through the mountain today, all giving attendance to the daily tasks set before them. All too often I continue to hear the drops of broken branches that give way to the ground below them for no longer are they able to remain attached to their previous homes. Life was lost in them. God shows me His people. They too lost the life they once lived. No longer do they hold to their homes. They’ve faded from true holiness. Some plunder to the ground and some gently fade in the distance as a flower blows from it’s stem to an unfamiliar place. The foundation of the Lord is strong and sure, full of life and never fades away. It’s forever green. -As I watch each leaf float to the ground my heart begins to wrench for seeing the fall of God’s people everyday. Though the leaves fail, God’s unfailing love continues so his children return unto Him. New branches do appear. This is fall in Alabama, arise and be made new.

The Waves

Waves of the ocean are tossed to and fro. Just as a man in his mind can be tossed. We must walk with a solid mind set on Christ. Though trials come at us at every angle, we trust God to see us through not compromising and being conformed to this world. Our minds are to be transformed and renewed by His word every day. Waves are tossed and driven in directions never seen before because no two waves are alike. We are not to be this way. One wouldn’t be able to tell who we are. We are in Christ, so we must show forth His love in us. We stand upon a solid foundation so that when the waves come we don’t get moved out of our place in Him. Be holy and unwavering. Be blessed.

Hated Without A Cause

I share in the depths of Christ’s sufferings when His heart was overwelmed within him of the hatred and malicious acts counted against him for the love he shown unto His people. I too loved my people. The people I called my family, the ones who shared the true gospel with me to the saving of my soul, the ones who walked into the house of the Lord with me, the ones who sat at my table and supped with me…have lifted up their heel against me. And for what reason? What cause? What did I do that was so bad? I still love them…but have come to determine what Jesus said. Follow peace with all men…AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. No, you will not always get along with the people you fellowship with Sunday in and Sunday out. You’ll pass each other on the way to the restroom and say, “Praise the Lord.” Yet, keep it moving. Sad but very true. I’ve learned to love from a distance. The wise would say, ” Some people you have to handle with a long handled spoon.” Some just simply don’t like you. They don’t like your hair, your clothes, your worship, even your very presence. Give them a hug or handshake or whatever is fitting based on their character and move on to better and brighter things. I will not let the enemy stop my praise because of another’s bad attitude and smurks they want to give. The Lord saved me from what I used to be, so I refuse to allow the enemy to destroy me by them hating me without a cause. I’m greater than that! Neither will I allow the enemy to come into my bedchamber with thoughts of those that would rather see me dead. I am the KING’s daughter and the enemy must flee! There are more that be for me, than those that be against me. What can man do unto me? My faith is in the Lord and I shall LIVE AND NOT DIE! I heard an elder say, “You ought to make three phone calls to all those that hated you and tell them THANK YOU for what you’ve done for me! You’ve made a way for me to become GREAT! God used YOU to bring me higher in him! Thank you so much!”—If you love Jesus, you will suffer for His name sake, you too will be hated without a cause.

Time to make some calls, you think?

Since When Does the Teacher Speak During the Test?

I’m sure every one of us having taken tests during our lifespan, realizes that the teacher rarely speaks during the test. In fact, most assuredly the teacher walks throughout the room in most occurances and watches every pupil. Looking over your shoulder at times letting you know of his/her presence. Yet, not saying a word. Watching you to see how your going to make it through without looking onto someone else’s paper.  As with the Lord, I’ve learned that He rarely speaks during our tests. In fact, when you call out to Him, He will answer but it seems like He doesn’t say as much as you would desire. You have to be confident that you can ace this test with flying colors. That’s when you revert back to all of the studying you’ve done in your handy book (God’s Word). Which is why we must really take lots of notes in your studies. We never know when the Lord is going to throw a pop quiz at us! Does God want us to pass? Absolutely! In fact, He stands over you at times just hoping your going to get every single answer right! I remember one time my teacher was following along with me during a test I was taking on the computer and I had no knowledge that’s what she was doing…yet she was getting excited over my answers! Honestly though, when she finally told me after I completed the test that she was watching, I was thereafter very nervous that I’d make a mistake and she would see it. She probably regretted telling me this but she still wanted me to get an A…which I did came close. She told me many times that I was a perfectionalist. At first, I didn’t feel that that was my case but I’ve come to realize the truth. I hate the fact of failing. I did many times in test taking, go back to make sure every answer was correct. I had to make 100 or it wasn’t good enough. So, it is in my day to day living. But, making an excellent score is not always good. I have to leave room for failure, so as not to become critical in my thinking. God knows were going to not get things right. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our very best in our trials. Trusting Him, praying, and studying His word will ensure the best outcome for us all. The fact that we did our best during the test, while He watches us silently, is what He requires from us. Whether we come out with an A or not, we tried our best. If the best we could do was a C…no worries, God knows our hearts. So, the greatest thing we can do is study to show ourselves approved and watch out for those pop quizzes and know that the finals will come! Remember also that our professor is standing watch over us! And have you noticed once you complete the test how much conversation you engage in when you find out your scores…He will speak again, to rejoice in your victory!

Making a House a Home

So, this is the before pictures of our new house in North Alabama our Great God gave to us up on a mountain. He blessed us with a 3 story, 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, 4 1/2 car garage, 3700 sq ft, 1.50 acres, with a basement! 

When I look at what he blessed us with it still leaves me in awe of how wonderful He is!

As we (more like I) decorate this new house making it into our new home…I’ll update the photos! 

Meanwhile, I hope you have fun watching!

You Should Have Cut Off Your Child

Unexpectingly, the “prophetess” sent the most devastating message, and that was, that we should have cut off one of our middle children. She said, “Your husband is losing his middle toe for not cutting off his middle child!” I thought, “Lord Jesus!” While pacing back and forth in the hospital room hallway, I asked, “which child?” The name was then given.
I managed to sit down with my stomach clinched to unquestionable compacity, and feeling so sick in my stomach…I began searching for the reasons of why this was being told to me. After the phone call ended, I immediately called one of the leaders to get understanding of how this could be so! Upon asking his divine leadership and guidance, I was left shattered after he responded with saying that the Lord hadn’t given him anything concerning this. What? You mean to tell me that the Lord didn’t speak of anything like this to you? Yet, during the phone call he acted upon those words as if it were all true! I knew within me as my husband was being prepped for the surgery that I couldn’t share this with him of what I was just told. I carried so many hard emotions around with me during this time. My insides were beckoning for relief. Yet, there was no one to turn to, but the Lord. At the time my mind was searching for answers, I was stripped of full understanding. “God, please help me!”, I would pray. I felt so alone even though the Lord was with me. I just couldn’t fully perceive Him. I walked for the first few days knowing what was told to me, locked inside. Eating away at my every thought. What’s worse, I knew soon, my husband was going to find out what was said. The leader then made the call. He told my husband the day after the surgery, that the Lord removed his toe for not cutting off his middle child. I thought I would collapse. Yet, God hadn’t told this leader anything. And until this day…he repeats the same thing. He has no understanding of these occurances. In fact, in a most recent conversation, he still hasn’t heard anything.

We have determined, through the Lord’s true leadership of love…we’ll stand upon God’s holy word. Psalm 18:1-6 says, “I will love thee, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies. The sorrows of death compassed me, and the floods of ungodly men made me afraid. The sorrows of hell compassed me about: the snares of death prevented me. In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears.”

New Beginnings

Yesterday, we signed for the purchase of our NEW home in the mountains of North Alabama! This marks the day of NEW beginnings in every part of our lives as we move on to higher heights and deeper depths in the Lord. We are forgetting those things that are behind and pressing towards the mark of the higher calling in Christ Jesus! 

As we get settled in our new home, I will post pictures periodically of this beautiful home the Lord gave us. Until then, be blessed and we’ll update you soon!